Upcoming Event Reminder!

Upcoming Event Reminder!
December 1st, 2018 - All Alumni Walkathon - Central Broward Regional Park, Broward County, Florida

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Wolmer’s Alumni Association South Florida ChapterWolmer’s Alumni Association South Florida Chapter - Scholarship Information (hereafter referred to as “the Association”) has awarded scholarships to students attending Wolmer’s High Schools and past students of Wolmer’s Schools attending tertiary institutions.

These scholarships have been funded from the Association’s general fund and from contributions made by members of the association that are earmarked for scholarships.

The awards for students at Wolmer’s High Schools cover tuition. For students attending tertiary institutions, the awards cover books and other discretionary expenses.

The guidelines outlined in this document are intended to streamline the process and increase the accountability of the schools and the recipients.


Please note that the 2018 deadline has been extended to August 17 due to prior technical issues associated with the application form.

Eligibility Criteria and Awarding Procedures
  1. The Scholarships are awarded based on financial need and scholastic ability.
  2. Only students currently attending Wolmer’s High Schools and former students that are attending tertiary institutions are eligible.
  3. For scholarships given by members of the association, the members reserve the right to specify other criteria for selection including but not limited to area of study, gender, and grade level.
i. Students Currently Attending Wolmer’s Schools
a. The guidance counselors in collaboration with the principals should identify the awardees and forward their names to the Association.
b. Only students that are registered in grades seven through eleven are eligible to receive awards.
c. Scholarships will not be given to students that are failing. Report cards from the previous year must be submitted for those students selected to receive awards.
d. Scholarships are awarded at the beginning of the school year for one year and may be renewed if the student successfully completes the grade. This will be determined by the principal.

ii. Students Attending Tertiary Institutions
a. Only students that are enrolled in undergraduate programs on a full time basis are eligible.
b.  Final decisions regarding the awards will be made by the scholarship committee.
c. Student must submit a copy of his/her most recent transcript.  Scholarships will not be given to students that are failing.
d. Awards are given for one year and the student has the option to apply again in the second year.
e. All scholarships are awarded directly to the student.

Scholarship Committee Members
  1. Dr Rupert Rhodd,
  2. Dr Justin Peart,
  3. and Dr Sandra Schrouder